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Rotkreuz traffic medicine

Rotkreuz Traffic Medicine is part of the Zuger Kantonsspital and prepares level 4 driving fitness reports, primarily on behalf of the road traffic authorities.


  • We provide driving fitness reports covering all aspects of driving aptitude relating to health issues relevant to traffic medicine as well as drugs, alcohol and medications
  • Second opinions
  • Review of files
  • Certificate assessments
  • Follow-up checks (e.g. abstinence checks)


A driving fitness assessment is an examination that takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, which includes laboratory analyses (hair analyses, blood samples, urine analyses) at the examiner's discretion and also includes a review of the respective files. This assessment is accepted by all road traffic offices in Switzerland.


Generally, you register at the relevant Road Traffic Office, where you will be given the appropriate form for a driving fitness examination. This form is then forwarded to the Rotkreuz Traffic Medicine department. You will then receive a quote with a remittance slip from Rotkreuz Traffic Medicine. After we receive your payment and the files from the Road Traffic Office, we will issue an examination appointment. In some cantons you may not receive a registration form from the Road Traffic Office. In this case you can download a registration form by clicking on the following link.

Registration for driving fitness test / abstinence check

Please enclose your latest order and/or your last letter from the Road Traffic Office with this form.

Manager Rotkreuz traffic medicine

Dr. med. Stefanie Wächter

Leiterin Verkehrsmedizin
Praktische Ärztin
Verkehrsmedizinerin SGRM


Verkehrsmedizin Rotkreuz
Buonaserstrasse 7
6343 Rotkreuz


T +41 41 399 34 10
E verkehrsmedizin.rotkreuz@STOP-SPAM.zgks.ch



Availability by phone

Monday - Thursday:
8 am to 12 pm / 1.30 pm to 4 pm


Available date
From calendar week 06 2023
Appointment: After receipt of the advance payment and receipt of the files by the Road Traffic Office (Strassenverkehrsamt)



The Rotkreuz traffic medicine is closed on the following days:
08 December 2022
23 December 2022 to 06 January 2023




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