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Sports medicine

The Zuger Kantonsspital has been certified as a "Sport Medical Base approved by Swiss Olympic", since 1 January 2008 and offers a wide range of sports medicine services. Our multidisciplinary team supports professional athletes and recreational sports players in all aspects of health and performance.

We offer expert care and treatment for athletes in the event of accidents and illnesses and offer advice on how to build up their training. Over the past few years, the offered range of sports medicine services has been steadily expanded. 


  • Sports medical examinations as per the standards of Swiss Olympic
  • Sports medical care and training recommendations
  • Laboratory tests which conform to the standards of Swiss Olympic
  • Sports traumatology and rehabilitation following sports injuries
  • Sport physiotherapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Radiology examination
  • Training Centre Benefit

Training centre Benefit

Our certified medical Training Centre Benefit offers physiotherapists to accompany you on the way to your individual training goals. For more information please click here.

Nutritional advice

The right nutrition is an important prerequisite for successful training. The intake of the right food can give you a great deal of energy. Equally, the wrong diet can also cause inertia and fatigue.

We provide nutritional advice to help athletes achieve their individual performance goals.

Medical Partner

The Zuger Kantonsspital is an official medical partner of the ice hockey team EVZ. A medical team of physicians from the Zuger Kantonsspital in cooperation with the Institute of Osteopathy (I.O.M.) of Stan Mostard and Partners is jointly responsible for the provision of medical care.

We are also a medical partner of the NLA handball team of LK Zug, the Baar football club, the Baar swimming club and the Swiss women's national tennis team. We are also involved in various regional sporting events.


Our centre for sports medicine promotes the following principles:

  • Sport brings joy to life and promotes good health
  • Sport is fun and provides a multi-aspected life learning experience
  • Sport offers many opportunities to discover yourself and others
  • Sport helps relieve everyday stress


An interdisciplinary team of specialists from the fields of medicine, surgery, physiotherapy and nutrition offers top athletes and recreational sportspeople sports medical care tailored to their individual needs.

No doping

Doping plays no part in sports medicine We rigorously adhere to the doping guidelines of Swiss Olympic. Failure by an athlete, team or club to comply with the doping guidelines will result in the immediate suspension of our cooperation.

Optimal communication

We value good communication with the coaches, in consultation with the athlete. Our aim is to ensure that all the relevant information concerning the athletes' performance and health status can be incorporated into an optimised training management and planning of competitions as quickly as possible.


Our sports physiotherapy team specialises in the care of top athletes and recreational athletes. We support athletes' individual training processes including their rehabilitation after musculoskeletal injuries. The objective is to restore personal performance capabilities as quickly as possible after an injury with a jointly developed therapy strategy.

Appointment booking


The medical team covers the fields of internal medicine/metabolism, sports medicine, accident surgery, rheumatology and rehabilitation medicine. The interdisciplinary team is complemented by our specialists from the fields of sports physiotherapy, nutritional advice and radiology.

Medical Team

  • Stv. Chefarzt Medizinische Klinik
  • Leiter Sportmedizin
  • T+41 41 399 41 30
  • Co-Leiter Sportmedizin
  • Oberarzt mbF Klinik für Orthopädie & Traumatologie
  • T+41 41 399 47 40
  • Leitender Arzt Rheumatologie / Osteoporose
  • Leitender Arzt interdisziplinäre Schmerzsprechstunde
  • Leiter Rheumatologie / Osteoporose
  • T+41 41 399 41 90
  • Stv. Chefarzt Klinik für Orthopädie & Traumatologie
  • T+41 41 399 47 30