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Emergency centre

Our emergency centre team provides 24/7 emergency care 365 days a year. It provides a swift and expert response to all patients, regardless of the nature of the medical problem, patient age or the level of health insurance cover.

In cooperation with our in-house specialists, we provide high-quality primary care around the clock - even for the critically ill and seriously injured. Our emergency centre consists of 10 individual bunks, several seats for people with minor illnesses, a trauma room, a plaster room as well as a wound care room. If required, the most advanced imaging examinations can be carried out in the directly adjacent radiology department.

Emergency numbers

Acute life-threatening emergency

T 144 (Zug rescue service = Rettungsdienst Zug)


Suspected poisoning

T 145 (Swiss poisons information centre)


Non life-threatening emergency or accident

Please call your GP.
If he/she cannot be reached, call:
0900 008 008 (medical emergency service of Canton Zug,, CHF 3.23/Min.)


Patient and visitor information

Our team will do their utmost to make your stay as pleasant as possible. You will find the most important information to help you find your way around our emergency centre below. Our emergency team is of course always available to answer any further questions you may have.

After the initial evaluation, family members may visit the patient in the emergency centre. Due to space restrictions, the number of accompanying persons is limited.

Our patients are asked to refrain from eating and drinking initially, as this may affect diagnostic and therapeutic measures. 

A free drinking water dispenser is available for accompanying persons, next to the emergency centre entrance. Small snacks and a range of drinks are also available from the snack machine in the waiting area. You can also enjoy our cafeteria or restaurant. Please adhere to the opening hours.

We kindly ask you to bring the following if you have time:

  • Health insurance card
  • Official identification (identity card or passport)
  • Blood group passport
  • Your own medicines (preferably in the original packaging)
  • Medication schedule (overview of the medicines you take)
  • Referral letter/report from your GP
  • Allergy passport (if you suffer from allergies)

We ask you to consider the other patients, to silence your ring tone and to keep conversations as brief as possible.

Parking spaces in front of the emergency centre are reserved for bringing in and picking up emergency patients. Parking times are limited to 15 minutes. Please park your car in the multi-storey car park for longer stays. Parking fines will be issued if the permitted parking time is exceeded. We thank you for your understanding.

The examination or treatment is generally carried out in single berths. This allows for maximal privacy.

We do our utmost to treat you as soon as possible. Should several emergency patients arrive at the same time, treatment will be prioritised based on the degree of medical urgency (triage). This will vary depending on the severity of the illness or injury.

The emergency centre team at the Zuger Kantonsspital has the mandate to focus on providing the best possible care for all patients in the emergency centre. Consequently, we are not able to offer phone consultations for health issues. Please contact your GP or the medical emergency service of the Canton of Zug, which can be reached 24/7 on 0900 008 008 (call costs CHF 3.23/min).

The medical emergency service of the Canton of Zug is provided by the Medical Association of the Canton of Zug. This emergency number is available 24/7 and 365 days per year, throughout the Canton of Zug and for all types of emergencies. This number allows access to all medical and specialist services. Callers are transferred to a centre where experienced and trained staff will answer the call. Many minor and trivial problems can already be resolved with this system. If an emergency doctor is required, the caller is directly transferred to the emergency doctor without having to redial the number. The 0900 008 008 number (call costs CHF 3.23/min), centralises all aspects of emergency medicine under one single number which can be called 24/7. It also offers the advantages of a fast and effective consultation with a trained member of the medical staff, followed by direct transfer of the call to the appropriate emergency physician, where required.

Examinations are conducted as soon as possible. As a rule, reliable diagnoses generally involve a wait for the results (i.e. laboratory, radiology results).

To ensure that your valuables are kept safe, we recommend you ask one of your family members to take them home. The Zug Cantonal Hospital assumes no liability for your valuables.

Our objective is to ensure that all patients receive fast and expert treatment. People with minor emergencies will therefore be treated directly in the emergency practice. This practice is run by the doctors on duty in Zug. It is located directly next to the emergency centre of the Zuger Kantonsspital. Outside of their opening hours, treatments are provided the emergency centre of the Zuger Kantonsspital.

Management of the emergency centre

Dr. med. Adrian Walder heads an interdisciplinary team of doctors, committed to providing expert and timely care for emergency patients. The specialist emergency care team attends to individuals in emergency situations from their admission into the service to their discharge or transfer.

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