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Vascular surgery arterial system

With the emergence of minimally invasive, endovascular methods, vascular surgery has completely changed in recent years. Today, proven vascular surgery techniques re combined with the latest catheter procedures in the same arterial system procedure.

One of the most common diseases treated in this way is arteriosclerosis (vascular calcification). Its incidence increases with age and is exacerbated by specific risk factors (nicotine, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.).

The objective of vascular surgery is to prevent consequential damage such as stroke, internal bleeding in the event of an abdominal artery rupture, circulatory disorders affecting internal organs and the loss of limbs. There is a close in-house cooperation between the specialist teams of interventional radiology and angiology. We also maintain close ties with the Vascular Centre of the Luzerner Kantonsspital (=Lucerne Cantonal Hospital), which provides a permanent emergency service. Any major interventions that require central logistics support can be easily organised and carried out at this centre.


  • Stroke prophylaxis for constricted carotid arteries
  • Treatment of abdominal artery dilatation (aneurysm)
  • Treatment of circulatory disorders caused by narrowing/blockage of the pelvic and leg arteries (intermittent claudication, "smoker's leg")
  • Treatment of acute circulatory disorders (e.g. embolism)
  • Placement of haemodialysis shunts

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