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With the continual increase in life expectancy and the population's changing lifestyle, vascular diseases are also on the increase. The early identification of risk factors, the accurate assessment and diagnosis as well as the timely initiation of the required therapy can prevent the development of new diseases and increase the prospects of a cure.

Our angiology specialists (derived from the Greek word angios = vessel) treat diseases of the arteries, veins and lymph vessels. During our vascular consultation, we assess the supply of blood to individual organs, to the brain and extremities including the toes and fingers. This is done by recording pulse curves or visualising the inner workings of the vessels with the latest ultrasound technology, thereby eliminating the use of X-rays or contrast medium that may damage the kidneys. We also routinely evaluate varicose veins and thromboses both clinically and with ultrasound.

Results from these examinations are periodically reviewed and discussed with specialists from the vascular surgery, nephrology and radiology departments. Close interdisciplinary cooperation and the involvement of specialists in private practice enable us to develop an individually tailored therapeutic strategy for our patients.


  • Diagnosis and treatment of intermittent claudication
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • Interdisciplinary foot consultation
  • Assessment of lipoedema and lymphoedema and elaboration of a therapy strategy
  • Evaluation of varicose veins and initiation of therapy
  • Risk assessment of arteriosclerosis by measuring intima media thickness
  • Assessment of chronic wounds
  • Interdisciplinary vascular report together with radiology, vascular surgery, nephrology
  • Placement of catheters (PICC) for outpatient chemotherapy and antibiotic therapy patients
  • Stroke diagnostics
  • Evaluation prior to shunting procedures and kidney transplants

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