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Hip surgery

Our orthopaedics team treats patients with accident-related injuries as well as degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis) of the hip joint. We offer a wide range of conservative and surgical therapies for hip and groin pain. This comprises both acute and chronic care.

Our clinic treats all types of accident-related fractures of the femur and the neck of the femur. Together with our specialists in infectious diseases, we provide treatments for acute and chronic joint infections.

We also offer various conservative treatment options for degenerative hip pain, by working in cooperation with our rheumatologists. Should the conservative treatments no longer suffice, we also offer joint-preserving or joint-replacing surgical procedures.

The ultimate goal is to find an optimal treatment strategy that is individually tailored to each patient. We have access to a variety of diagnostic techniques to meet this objective, which can also be performed in collaboration with our radiology team and the nuclear medicine department at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, as required.


  • Hip joint replacement (minimally invasive)
  • Impingement treatment (minimally invasive)
  • Exchange of hip joint implants
  • Incorrectly healed/non-healed fractures
  • Treatment of femoral shaft fractures
  • Correction of upper thigh misalignments
  • Treatment of hip joint implant infections

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