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In proctology, we assess and treat patients with rectal, pelvic floor and anal conditions. These include haemorrhoid problems, torn mucous membranes (fissures) and rectal abscesses or fistulas.

Our surgeons, with extensive experience in proctology, use the latest evaluation and treatment options. Open surgery or less invasive surgical approaches are always individually adapted to the patient. This ensures an optimal treatment result. Patients with voiding disorders, which can for example result from intestinal prolapse, or from faecal incontinence, are also able to improve their quality of life.

Patients suffering from malignant rectal tumours or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases are assessed and treated in close interdisciplinary cooperation with the respective oncology (tumour) or gastroenterology (gastrointestinal) specialists.


  • Anal skin changes - evaluation and treatment
  • Proctology examination
  • Haemorrhoid operations
  • Anal fistula operations
  • Pilonidal sinus operations (coccyx fistula/sacral dermoid)
  • Treatment of anal condylomas (genital warts/condylomata acuminata)
  • Transanal tumour resections
  • Rectal prolapse surgery
  • Faecal incontinence/sphincter muscle weakness - evaluation and treatment

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