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Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases focus on diseases transmitted by micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa). As all organs can in principle be affected, we attach great importance to interdisciplinary cooperation with the teams of the relevant specialist departments.

Infectious diseases have gained increasing importance in recent years due to the emergence of multi-resistant pathogens. This is due to the widespread use of antibiotics not only in human medicine, but also in agriculture. We are increasingly confronted with situations where conventional antibiotics have become ineffective. A targeted and effective therapy in these types of cases is only conceivable after thorough evaluation and by implementing other additional examinations.


  • Infectious diseases - specialised consultations on medical referral
  • Ambiguous inflammatory conditions - evaluation
  • Infectious liver diseases (hepatitis B and C) - evaluation and treatment in cooperation with gastroenterology
  • STD-Check (Sexually transmitted diseases - evaluation and treatment)
  • HIV consultations
  • Travel and vaccination advice
  • Follow-up for severe infectious diseases
  • MRSA decolonisation consultation

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