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Neurology deals with disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Symptoms range from paralysis, sensory disorders, clouding of consciousness, memory, speech and language disorders, dizziness, headaches to movement disorders.

Migraine, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis are some of the more prevalent clinical pictures. With advancing age, strokes, Parkinson's disease and dementia also manifest more frequently.

To provide those affected by often chronic illnesses with the best possible quality of life and working life, comprehensive care is provided in cooperation with GPs, specialists from a wide range of fields, psychologists and therapists.


  • Evaluation and follow-up care for stroke patients, including ultrasound of blood vessels supplying the brain
  • Evaluation and treatment of consciousness disorders
  • Diagnostics and therapy for epileptic seizures and epilepsies, standard and sleep deprivation brain wave EEG recordings
  • Evaluation, treatment (including infusion therapies) and long-term care of patients with multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory nervous system diseases
  • Diagnosis and therapy of peripheral nerve diseases (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathies), of functional disorders involving nerve roots (e.g. spinal diseases) and of muscle diseases (e.g. muscular dystrophies, myasthenia)
  • Differential assessment of headache disorders and their treatment
  • Evaluation of dizziness
  • Evaluation and treatment of movement disorders, e.g. tremors, Parkinson's disease; restless legs syndrome
  • Dementia screening - neurological and neuropsychological diagnostics, treatment of patients with dementia diseases, e.g. Alzheimer's dementia
  • Treatment of neuropathic pain
  • Neuropsychological examination to assess e.g. memory, concentration, language and/or behavioural disorders, both developmental and neurological
  • Assessment of fitness to drive for patients with neurological diseases
  • Examination of the cerebrospinal fluid (lumbar puncture)
  • Application of electrophysiological studies (electroneurography ENG, electromyography EMG, evoked potentials VEP, SEP)

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