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The Department of Pneumology at the Zuger Kantonsspital provides first-class medical examinations and treatments of individuals with bronchial, pulmonary and thoracic diseases. In addition, we offer comprehensive examination and treatment for patients with sleep disorders as well as outpatient pneumology rehabilitation accredited by the Swiss Society for Pneumology.

The patient-doctor relationship is always at the centre of our activities. It is the foundation for a successful therapy and care. Our interdisciplinary cooperation between lung and cardiac specialists means that patients with complex clinical pictures involving the heart and lungs can also be provided with highly expert, rapid and interdisciplinary advice and care. We also work in close cooperation with the GPs and other specialists.


  • Pulmonary function tests including body plethysmography, FeNO measurement (exhaled nitric oxide), methacholine challange test
  • Interventional pulmonology resp. bronchoscopy (generally in an outpatient setting, if necessary inpatient with and without anaesthetic support)
  • Patient education (lung diseases)
  • Pneumological reports
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension in cooperation with the Dept. of Pulmonology of the University Hospital Zurich
  • Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Evaluation of persistent reduced physical performance and / or shortness of breath after having experienced a COVID-19 infection ("long covid").
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sleep related breathing disorders incl. hypoventilation (respiratory polygraphy with / without capnography). Start of APAP / CPAP / BiPAP therapy in an outpatient or inpatient setting
  • Evaluation regarding lung volume reduction procedures in patients suffering of lung emphysema / COPD
  • Evaluation and initiation of long term oxygen oxygen therapy (LTOT)
  • Diagnosis and therapy of interstitial lung diseases (e.g. pulmonary fibrosis)
  • Allergological evaluation of asthma

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