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Shoulder and elbow surgery

The shoulder and elbow surgery field has evolved enormously in recent years. There are currently a variety of different available techniques, that usually enable our team of specialists to offer patients with shoulder and elbow pain a high degree of painlessness, mobility and independence.

An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure optimal treatment. This requires a prompt examination by one of our specialists in the shoulder and elbow joint surgery department. We also deploy a range of state-of-the-art imaging techniques.

We offer a broad range of surgical procedures for the reconstruction of torn tendons and ligaments, but also for instabilities and signs of wear and tear. Most treatments can be performed by arthroscopy, i.e. with keyhole surgery. If the shoulder or elbow joint cannot be preserved because of wear and tear (osteoarthritis of the shoulder or elbow joint) or due to a complex fracture, modern implants can be used to replace the joint. Our orthopaedic surgeons' high degree of specialisation and many years of experience mean that we can guarantee the provision of highly specialised care.


  • Impingement and AC joint surgery (arthroscopy and open surgery)
  • Rotator cuff reconstruction (arthroscopy and open surgery)
  • Muscle transfer for rotator cuff lesions that cannot be repaired (latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major)
  • Stabilisation of joint after shoulder dislocation by arthroscopy or open surgery
  • Reconstruction after AC joint dislocation by arthroscopy or open surgery
  • Shoulder joint replacement (anatomical, inverse)
  • Correction of misalignments following shoulder fractures
  • Elbow arthroscopy
  • Elbow ligament, tendon reconstruction and plastic surgery
  • Elbow joint replacement
  • Tennis and golf elbow (Treatment of epicondylitis radialis humeri and epicondylitis ulnaris humeri,arthroscopy and open surgery)

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