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Allergic diseases such as neurodermatitis, hay fever, asthma and food allergies are constantly increasing worldwide. Approximately 40 percent of the Swiss population suffer from allergies. We therefore offer a specialised allergy consultation service at the Zug Cantonal Hospital.

Allergies can severely impair quality of life. The most effective treatment is to avoid exposure to the triggering allergens once a thorough evaluation has been conducted. As there are thousands of allergens, this process is not easy. We attempt to obtain as much information about the triggering allergen as possible during an in-depth conversation with the patient.

By using skin prick tests and supplementary laboratory tests, inhaled allergens (e.g. from pollen, animal epithelia, mites or mould spores), basic food allergies (e.g. cross-reactions between nuts and apples, celery and pollen or seafood and mites) or hymenopteran poison allergies can be comprehensively established. For more complex drug and food allergies, we work in close cooperation with the department of Allergology of the University Hospital Zurich (USZ).


  • Diagnosis and evaluation of allergic diseases
  • Managing allergies

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Our team

Konsiliarärztin Dermatologie und Allergologie
  • T+41 41 399 40 36
Konsiliarärztin Dermatologie und Allergologie
  • T+41 41 399 40 36
Konsiliararzt Allergologie und Dermatologie
  • T+41 41 399 40 36