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Oncology / Haematology

Medical oncology specialises in the medicinal treatment of all tumour diseases and cancers that arise in the human body. In haematology we treat blood cell diseases, haemostasis and diseases related to blood transfusions. State-of-the-art analytical techniques allow us to provide an accurate diagnosis and an individually tailored therapy.

Our oncology centre offers the entire range of modern drug therapies. We attach great importance to providing individually tailored and comprehensive advice and care for our patients and their family members. During a face-to-face meeting, we inform your relatives about the tumour disease and various treatment options.  We accompany and care for people suffering from cancer during and after therapy. We provide thorough, tailor-made treatments based on chemotherapy, antibodies, hormone therapies and what are known as targeted therapies. We also provide quality adjunct care, in particular efficient pain therapy and, where possible, prevent therapy-related late complications.

Our interdisciplinary cooperation with university centres, the weekly tumour case review, our continuous training courses and our participation in international studies, enable us to deliver treatments that are based on the latest advances in modern oncology.

We strive to provide a holistic care. We do this in close cooperation with the "Krebsliga Zentralschweiz", psycho-oncologists, the hospital's own pain clinic, interdenominational pastoral care, and the palliative care centre in Affoltern. Since January 2019, radiotherapy is also provided at the Zug Cantonal Hospital, in the radio-oncology unit operated by the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital.


  • Outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy, antibody, hormone and targeted therapies
  • Assessment of complex tumour cases (as a second opinion where required)
  • Assessment and treatment of blood count and coagulation disorders
  • Assessment of tumour diseases to establish further evaluation and treatment measures
  • Blood count and bone marrow diagnostics
  • Interdisciplinary pain therapy
  • Palliative outpatient and inpatient care (primary care) for advanced cancer
  • Psycho-oncological consultation

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  • Leiter Onko-Zentrum
  • Leitender Arzt Onkologie / Hämatologie
  • T+41 41 399 40 50
  • Leiter Onko-Zentrum
  • Leitender Arzt Onkologie
  • T+41 41 399 40 50
  • Oberarzt mbF Hämatologie Luzerner Kantonsspital
  • T+41 41 399 40 50
  • Leitende Ärztin Onkologie
  • T+41 41 399 40 50
  • Leiterin Pflege Onkologie
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