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Maternity clinic

Every birth is unique, for us too. Our maternity clinic offers expecting parents peace of mind and a pleasant, personal feel for this very unique event. Our team will provide professional and considerate care before, during and after the birth.


Our care focuses on meeting the individual needs of expecting parents. We are there for you even before the birth, be it for consultations and check-ups during pregnancy, acupuncture or birthing, and breastfeeding preparatory courses. After registering the birth, we invite the prospective mothers and fathers to an individually designed admission meeting. We then work together with you to identify your wishes and needs for the birth and answer any questions you may have. This will be followed by a visit of the maternity ward.

Bonding und Rooming-in

Immediately after delivery or after the caesarean section, we promote bonding and the development of an intimate relationship between parents and baby by encouraging physical closeness, physical warmth and eye contact without undue interruptions. Both mother and father can take care of their new-born around the clock or for hours at a time, either independently or with assistance, in a private room. This allows both the parents and their new-born to get to know each other (Rooming-in).


Our delivery rooms are modern and tastefully furnished so that you feel comfortable and secure during the delivery. Each delivery room has a specially designed delivery bed as well as a bathtub for a water birth or simply to relax. And if space becomes an issue, the delivery ward has an additional three preparatory rooms, that are also equipped like the delivery rooms and may also be used to provide a safe birthing space.

Our large, bright private rooms for one or two people offer a pleasant atmosphere so that you can enjoy the first days with your baby in peace and quiet. In our booklet "Additional services for the birth" you will find detailed information about the non-medical services available during your stay with your new-born baby. Depending on your insurance cover, you may have the option to upgrade to get more comfort and enjoy extensive privacy. We also offer additional services for your partner if requested.

Are you considering an outpatient birth or an early postpartum discharge? We will of course be happy to accommodate this. Our midwives would be happy to advise you about the available care options at the admission interview about four weeks before the calculated date of birth.

In addition to our comprehensive range of conventional medicines, the maternity ward also offers expecting mothers a large range of complementary medical treatments, such as acupuncture to prepare for the birth and for therapeutic purposes, as well as homeopathy and aromatherapy which may be useful during pregnancy and/or childbirth.

Clinic Management

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