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During your pregnancy our team of doctors and midwives will provide comprehensive and sensitive care. Our objective is to support the natural course of the pregnancy in a holistic way and to recognise any potential particularities at an early stage.

The Zug Cantonal Hospital can carry out all the necessary medical pregnancy check-ups. A midwife will be with you during the two pregnancy check-ups (the first between 16 and 18 weeksand the second between 34 and 36 weeks) and will provide you with detailed information about the changes during pregnancy and how to prepare for the birth. We are more than happy to address your questions, individual wishes and expectations.

You can also rely on our expertise in high-risk situations. We place great importance on providing comprehensive information about prenatal diagnostics and offer the entire spectrum of examinations including ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, deformity diagnostics, blood tests (ETT, NIPT), amniotic fluid puncture (= amniocentesis) and chorionic villus sampling (=CVS).


  • Acupuncture to prepare for birth
  • Acupuncture consultation
  • Complementary medical treatments (prenatal and therapeutic acupuncture, homeopathy and aromatherapy)
  • External cephalic version
  • Antenatal classes
  • Midwife consultation
  • Midwife prenatal consultation
  • Prenatal diagnostics (including chorionic villus sampling and amniotic fluid puncture as well as various blood tests, such as ETT, NIPT)
  • High-risk pregnancy consultation
  • Antenatal care (support and care during pregnancy provided by the doctor and midwife)
  • Pregnancy check-ups carried out by the midwives (at 16 to 18 weeks / at 34 to 36 weeks)
  • Antenatal ultrasound check-ups including 3D ultrasound and deformity diagnostics
  • Preparatory breastfeeding courses



    Are you looking for detailed information about birth and postpartum care provided by the Zug Cantonal Hospital? Why not attend one of our information evenings for expectant parents. The obstetrics team from our obstetrics and gynaecology clinic will provide information about all the procedures and care provided during the birth. You will also be able to visit our delivery and maternity suites and ask any specific questions you may have over refreshments. For details about event dates, please click here or check our events calendar


    Based on the "Recommendations for healthy physical activity for women during and after pregnancy", Health Promotion Switzerland provides exercise videos in English, German, French and Italian on the follwing topics:

    • Getting to know your pelvic floor
    • Physical fitness during pregnancy
    • Postnatal pelvic floor awareness
    • Postnatal strengthening of the pelvic floor
    • Getting physical activity after birth

    Please note that any exercises from the videos "Postnatal strengthening of the pelvic floor" and “Getting physical activity after birth" should only be started after consulting your gynaecologist or midwife.


    Outpatient clinic

    T +41 41 399 32 10

    Head physician secretariat

    T +41 41 399 32 00


    T +41 41 399 33 60

    Breast feeding consultation

    T +41 41 399 33 80


    24 May

    Geburtsvorbereitungskurs am Wochenende

    Konferenzraum, 1. Obergeschoss

    14 Jun

    booked out:
    Birth Preparation Course

    Conference Room, Zuger Kantonsspital

    17 Jun

    Information evening for expectant parents (in English)

    Konferenzraum 1, 1. Obergeschoss

    19:30 - 21:00


    • Chefarzt Frauenklinik
    • T+41 41 399 32 00
    • Stv. Chefarzt Frauenklinik
    • T+41 41 399 32 10

    Kaderärztinnen / Kaderärzte

    • Leitender Arzt Frauenklinik
    • T+41 41 399 32 10