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The birth of a child is a truly unique moment in the lives of expectant parents. We aim to provide peace of mind and a pleasant atmosphere for this very special event. You and your baby will be cared for by our team in a sensitive and professional manner during and after the birth.

We place great importance on a safe and natural birth. In the event of unexpected complications, a qualified team of doctors, midwives and nurses as well as a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure are on stand-by right around the clock.


  • Modern and appealing delivery suites with an integrated bathtub
  • Vaginal delivery (spontaneous, vacuum, forceps, twins and breech births)
  • You are free to choose your labour and delivery position (water birth, Maya birthing stool, standing, lying down)
  • Exercise balls

With the "More Privacy" upgrade, parents and baby enjoy the time after birth in our family suite or alternatively in a private room if the family suite is already occupied. Spouses may also stay the night with their new family and share the very close and intensive experience of the first few days, for an additional charge. Older siblings are also welcome to stay in the family suite.

Please inform your midwife if you would like to book the "More privacy" upgrade. As it is very difficult to accurately predict the timing of births, we can only confirm the availability of the family suite or a private room upon admission to the hospital.

Are you considering an outpatient birth or an early postpartum discharge? We will of course be happy to accommodate this. Our midwives would be happy to advise you about the available care options at the admission interview about four weeks before the calculated date of birth.

For pain relief during labour, we offer analgesics and supportive medications such as suppositories, tablets and injections. We also offer a large range of different complementary medical treatments such as homeopathy, acupuncture, essential oils and herbal teas. We also use nitrous oxide if necessary.

Obstetric pain therapy
If required, there is also the option of obstetric pain therapy. The standard method of pain relief is obstetric peridural anaesthesia via a peridural catheter. If necessary, we can offer you PCA (patient controlled analgesia) with remifentanil.

Before the due date, you will receive the information sheet «Explanatory notes and consent for obstetric pain therapy and anaesthesia» and the «Anaesthesia questionnaire» from the midwife on the occasion of a pregnancy check. We ask you to read through both documents, fill them in and bring them signed to the birth. This is important, as there is hardly any time for an explanatory talk during the birth.

If medically indicated or at the couple's request, we can perform a caesarean section at any time, i.e. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Immediately after delivery or after the caesarean section, we promote bonding and the development of an intimate relationship between parents and baby by encouraging physical closeness, physical warmth and eye contact without undue interruptions.
Immediately after delivery or after the caesarean section, you will be supported by a qualified midwife who will help you start breastfeeding right away.

Your baby will usually be examined by a paediatrician during the 3 days after the birth. The paediatrician will then give you the results of the examination and answer any questions you may have.

It often takes days or even weeks to process the birthing experience and the birthing process. Would you like to clear up any questions or deal with any particular issues? We would be happy to arrange a personal follow-up consultation with our midwives and doctors.



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Breast feeding consultation

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11 Dec

Info-Abend für werdende Eltern

Konferenzraum 1, 1. Obergeschoss

19:30 - 21:00
15 Dec

Geburtsvorbereitungskurs am Wochenende

Konferenzraum, 1. Obergeschoss

05 Jan

Birth Preparation Course

Conference Room, Zuger Kantonsspital

Clinic Management


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