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Nutritional advice and therapy

The nutritional advice team at the Zuger Kantonsspital supports inpatients and outpatients in all matters relating to nutrition. Thanks to close interdisciplinary collaboration with doctors, the nursing team and other medical specialists, individual nutritional advice or therapy can be provided. The different clinical pictures and individual needs are taken into account.

Diets can sometimes become unbalanced. This may be caused by illness, surgery or lifestyle changes. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. That is why our nutrition experts attach great importance to individual advice and support.

In modern nutritional therapy and/or nutritional advice, we also give particular consideration to the social circumstances of our outpatients and inpatients, to allow them to enjoy the best possible quality of life.

We offer athletes sports-specific nutritional consultations. During these consultations, we address topics such as optimal nutrition before and during competition, the optimisation of performance or the ideal recovery.

Nutritional status has a major impact on health, length of hospital stay, recovery and quality of life. During your hospital stay, we will care for you if you suffer from specific nutritional issues, such as malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, as a result of surgery or allergies, chewing and/or swallowing problems.

If required, support can be continued on an outpatient basis.

Nutritional medical consultation on nutritional issues in a range of life settings.

  • Obesity and secondary diseases caused by or combined with excessive weight
  • Malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies
  • Cardiovascular diseases (e.g. dyslipidaemia)
  • Digestive system diseases (e.g. chronic bowel diseases)
  • Food allergies and intolerances (specifically using the FODMAPs approach)
  • Renal diseases
  • Metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus, gout)

With a medical prescription, costs are covered by the basic health insurance scheme.

Additional services

Costs for the following services are only covered by health insurance if they relate to one of the above-mentioned indications:

  • Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Individual nutritional issues
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Sports nutrition

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